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Changing Course

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The sequel to It Will Never Happen to Me, Changing Course is specific to any and all family issues impacted by chronic loss that emanates from physical or emotional abandonment. Whether your family life was too chaotic, rigid, enmeshed or disconnected you endured abandonment experiences. As a result, your world-view has been colored by chronic loss that still dictates how you live your life today. In this book Claudia offers a framework for understanding the recovery and healing process from childhood family pain that has carried forward in your life and she will help you to understand the beliefs and behaviors that have perpetuated your pain. With great compassion and insight core issues examined are control, victimization, depression, perfectionism, and procrastination. Specific steps in recovery are identified. Claudia discusses putting your past behind and offers guidelines for realistic expectations of your self and others. A model for healthy aspects of relationships is presented. She also explores the role of what forgiveness means and a spiritual process.