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Compulsive Relationships DVD

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How many of you have started a relationship even though you knew you were going to get hurt? How many of you wanted to get out of a destructive relationship, but could not? Through the use of role play and stories, addictive disorders pioneers Claudia Black and Terrance Gorski describe two particular players in an addictive relationship, the Counter-dependent and the Co-dependent and guide the viewer to an understanding of compulsive relationships. Terry role plays the counter-dependent which today we often recognize as the narcissist. The counter-dependent is:

  • Grandiose - with unrealistic goals and exaggerated sense of self importance and power fantasies.
  • Extremely independent, trusting themselves and no one else; in constant need to prove themselves.
  • Self Centered – preoccupied with own needs; don’t care what others feel; exploitive.
  • Intrusive – entitled and aggressive.

As Terry role plays these traits, Claudia dialogues with him from her role as the codependent – the dependent personality. The codependent is:

  • Insecure – chronically caretaking others; unworthy; fearful; quick to give credit to others.
  • Overly dependent – with impoverished expectations; exaggerated sense of importance of others.
  • Other Centered – easily exploited; over sensitive to needs of others; receptive; unrealistically tolerant and passive.

The viewers are provided with significant information so that they may begin in-depth discussions of addictive relationships and start the recovery process towards forming a healthy relationship. The information contained in this video is an essential building block for those individuals and couples who are involved in constructing healthy relationships. A short preview of this video is available by clicking HERE Running time 36 minutes.