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Deceived & Intimate Treason



Claudia has written two books for partners of sex addicts. Deceived describes women in a community of healing who claim their worth and power through the support of other women and find a path to garner esteem and personal power to make the choices that allow them dignity. It offers direction, hope and inspiration; women no longer have to live in the shadow of their partner's behavior, they can claim their value and integrity and self respect, and in this process trust themselves to be able to care for themselves and their family. Deceived teaches women how to protectively emerge from emotional isolation, shed secrets and shame, and discover the power to incite positive change in their relationship. Intimate Treason is a book to help those confronted with sexual betrayal have a framework for their healing, but even more important, something that takes them to a level of honesty about themselves that helps them move forward; and to convey to the many individuals who are facing sexual betrayal that there is specific, specialized help and hope for the pain and confusion they are experiencing as a result of a loved one’s compulsive sexual behavior. This book is specific to partners, written as a road map to guide them through the crisis with concrete tools and strategies to overcome the trauma of intimate betrayal. While written for the layperson who identifies with the experience, Intimate Treason is also an excellent tool for the professional therapist to use with clients. Purchase these two titles together and save over 15%