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Depression Toolbox



Those who work in the addictions field know the importance of having their “tools” in one easily identifiable location. The Depression Toolbox combines three related tools (book, DVD and CD) in a specially designed case and you save money when you purchase the toolbox. Components of the Toolbox are: Depression Strategies Book:A workbook composed of 43 sessions containing didactic information, reproducible handouts and audio CD designed as a resource for the clinician versed in identifying and treating depression. By providing strategies and exercises, this book is a valuable aid to the mental health addiction practitioner or health care provider who is working with clients experiencing depression. A sampling of sessions included are:

  • Depression History
  • Addiction/Depression History
  • Interrupting Faulty Thinking
  • Depression Self-Talk
  • Defenses and Feelings
  • Anger Patterns
  • Accepting the Positive
  • Personal Choices
  • Assess Potential Depression Triggers
  • Portrait of Action Against Depression
  • Spiritual History Discussion
  • Faith Inspirations

Ideas and formats are presented for structured interventions. The use of handouts in the form of written exercises, checklists, sentence stems, structured dialogues and/or art activities is an integral part of this therapeutic technique. All handouts are designed for clinicians to reproduce and use without restriction as to copyright permission. Audio CDThe audio CD, Imageries, offers structured meditations for recovery and can be used in a group or individual setting. The disc contains four imageries:

  1. Relaxation Exercise
  2. Inner Child Affirmation
  3. Inner Source of Wisdom
  4. Letting Go and Receiving

Double Jeopardy DVDDepression is a life threatening, chronic illness. Depression combined with addiction is especially debilitating. Claudia offers an easily understood explanation of the interaction of depression and addiction and presents examples of the combination of the two illnesses. Key Points Covered

  • Interaction of depression and addiction
  • Causes of depression: biochemical imbalance, negative view of the world, incomplete grief
  • Recovery: abstinence from addictive substances and behaviors
  • Use of anti-depressants and discussion around the addict’s concerns of the use of medication
  • Therapy and recovery practices,/li>

The viewer will better understand depression, the impact of the combination of depression and addiction and be enabled to share and discuss their own experiences.