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Family Toolbox



Those who work in the addictions field know the importance of having their “tools” in one easily identifiable location. The Family Toolbox combines three related tools (book, DVD and CD) in a specially designed case and you save money when you purchase the toolbox. Components of the Toolbox are: Family Strategies BookA workbook composed of 37 sessions containing didactic information, reproducible handouts and audio CD designed for use by professionals who are already skilled in understanding addictive disorders and their impact on families, and those who work with a family member or members in a relationship with someone actively in addiction or in recovery. It is used quite effectively with spouses, partners, parents, and adolescent or adult age children. In many sessions it is appropriate to include the addicted person, but that is at the facilitator’s discretion. A sampling of sessions included are:

  • Codependency As An Addiction
  • Sharing the Disease
  • Giving Up Control
  • Role Patterns
  • Identifying Boundary Extremes
  • Impaired Family
  • Portrait of Feelings
  • Shame Attacks
  • Emotional Sociogram
  • Drama Triangle
  • Portrait of Recovery
  • Codependency First Step

Ideas and formats are presented for structured interventions. The use of handouts in the form of written exercises, checklists, sentence stems, structured dialogues and/or art activities is an integral part of this therapeutic technique. All handouts are designed for clinicians to reproduce and use without restriction as to copyright permission. Audio CDThe audio CD, Letting Go Imageries, offers meditations on healing and recovery and can be used in a group or individual setting. Specific imageries are:

  • Letting Go of Control
  • Letting Go of the Pain of Grief
  • Letting Go of Resentments
  • Connecting to a Higher Power
  • Letting Go of Secrets
  • Affirmation Imagery

Addiction in the Family DVD With the major changes that have occurred in the delivery of addictions treatment, the availability of family programming has lessened or become non-existent. This video will allow you, in one or two sessions, to focus on primary treatment issues with family members, individually or in groups. Claudia uses pictures drawn by young family members to illustrate how the addiction has impacted the family and interactive graphics that underline specific points of her presentation. Addiction in the Family has been produced to allow you to show this video in either an Interactive format (Claudia’s preference) where the video can be stopped at two particular cues and a short discussion takes place that pertains to issues that she has just covered; or a straight forward format, where the video is shown in its entirety and a discussion follows. If you deal with addictions and believe the family must be involved in the recovery process you will find this video invaluable.