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History of Addiction

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The fascinating evolution of treatment from alcoholism to chemical dependency to addictive disorders is examined in this fact filled video The roots of addiction are both deep and ancient and the methods used to deal with addicted persons were often bizarre. This entertaining, informative video is a historical primer on the origins of addiction and our fascination with the grain and grapes that have made it so. The Greeks believed that the use of amethysts - beautiful deep purple stones - would ward off drunkenness. They festooned their cups with amethysts, wore them when drinking and even ground them up and put them in the wine they drank. Perhaps this could be the origin of the term 'stoned'. The Egyptians used to flog drunkards; the Romans created Bacchus, a God of wine and revelry; and the Turks 'cured' drunkenness by pouring molten lead down the throat of the inebriate, perhaps the first example of aversion conditioning, crude but effective. Claudia Black and Jerry Miller (a long-time advocate of addiction recovery and founder/publisher of Alcoholism Magazine) narrate this colorful pageant which highlights the progression and proliferation of alcoholism and addiction treatment techniques. In one glimpse from the past, a famous Roman physician put live eels in the wine that the subject was then instructed to drink, foretelling perhaps, the coming of aversion conditioning therapy. The Temperance League, the Keely Cure, the beginnings of AA and other Twelve Step programs, the use of Antabuse, hypnotherapy, and the Minnesota Model, all these and many more mileposts are visited in this historic retrospective. Running time 22 minutes. A short preview of this video is available by clicking HERE