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Letting Go Imageries

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The practice of meditation and visualization are extremely effective in the process of healing and recovery. Letting Go Imageriesmay be used to help you relax, become more centered, let go of hurtful processes and pain, focus on a specific issue, and/or develop insight. As you listen to Claudia's voice, she guides you through these specific imageries:

  • Letting Go of Control
  • Letting Go of the Pain of Grief
  • Letting Go of Resentments
  • Connecting to a Higher Power
  • Letting Go of Secrets
  • Affirmation and Validation Imagery

It is suggested that each imagery be listened to individually and then be used again and again to support and reinforce you in your recovery process. Please note:These visualizations are not to be listened to in your vehicle. Total running time is 49 minutes. This CD is also a component of the books Family Strategies and Relapse Toolkit.