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Putting the Past Behind

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In this presentation Claudia speaks to anyone raised in a troubled family offering a framework for healing from growing up with chronic loss and pain and she introduce five core foundational recovery issues.

  1. Self validation
  2. Control
  3. Feelings
  4. Needs
  5. Boundaries

Claudia then introduce four steps in the recovery process. Each and every issue in your recovery process will usually be addressed by these four steps to healing.

  1. Explore the past
  2. Connect the past to the present
  3. Challenge beliefs
  4. Learn skills

Recovery can't be rushed. Be kind to yourself, give yourself credit. Remember that as you address the core issues in the recovery process, the four steps will take you to a place of greater freedom. Recovery isn't changing who you are. It is letting go of who you are not. Total running time 53 minutes. This CD is an excellent companion to Changing Course and natural sequel to A Time for Healing CD.