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Relationship Series (3 DVDs)

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This 3 DVD Set includes Compulsive Relationships, Relationship Styles and Relationship Building and you save by ordering the set. These videos are true classics and remain bestsellers. Claudia Black wrote and created these with colleague Terrance Gorski. With humor and solid information they offer an opportunity to examine relationship styles and discover the tools and framework for building healthy relationships. In Compulsive Relationships Claudia and Terrance role play and tell stories as they describe two particular players in an addictive relationship, the Counter-dependent and the Co-dependent. In Relationship Styles they offer the opportunity to examine, compare and contrast three types of relationships: addictive, apathetic, and healthy. In Relationship Building they use the analogy of building a house for constructing a healthy relationship. Total running time for all 3 DVDs 99 minutes