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Sexual Abuse Series (2 DVDs)

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This set of 2 DVDs includes Breaking the Silence and Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse and you save money when you purchase the set. For most survivors of childhood sexual abuse, it is a secret they maintain and attempt to repress well into adulthood. While they hope that the pain will finally leave, often it remains within, severely impacting how they live. Breaking the Silence covers the most prevalent defenses and responses. Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse describes the powerful journey that will lead the survivors of sexual abuse to find their inner strength, specialness, and dignity. Abuse survivors often live with shame and guilt. They experience incredible powerlessness in their lives. In adulthood, survivors experience the aftershocks of abuse - low self esteem - the inability to trust - difficulty with one's sexuality - the inability to be successful. People who have been sexually abused often learn to medicate their pain through the use of alcohol, other drugs, or food. Survivors deserve to live a life free from shame. These videos often affect the audience emotionally and because of the nature of the material presented, it is always advised that they be shown under the supervision of a professional experienced in dealing with issues of sexual abuse. Total running time of the 2 DVDs 60 minutes