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Strategies Series - 4 Books for Professionals

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These four books - Anger Strategies, Depression Strategies, Family Strategies and Relapse Toolkit are intended for use by clinicians, addiction counselors, and mental health care practitioners. Save 25% by purchasing all 4 books together. Each book offers hands on practical strategies that can be used with individual clients or within a group, didactic information to be used in sessions, reproducible handouts, and specific instructions for assignments. The handouts are in the form of written exercises, checklists, sentence stems, structured dialogues and/or art activities and are an integral part of the therapeutic process. All handouts are designed for clinicians to reproduce and use without restriction as to copyright permission. Each book contains an audio CD that is a combination of relaxation and meditation visualizations. Note from Claudia Black: My professional career began as a young social worker working with alcoholics and being asked to develop family programming. This was the beginning of my journey into understanding the impact of addiction on children and the early work of the adult child movement. The complexities became apparent quickly and I began to see, 1) depression among spouses and partners, children young and old, and certainly with the addicted client, 2) chronic anger and/or anger avoidance were significant issues with family members and the addict, 3) relapse was both pervasive and destructive for all involved, and 4) it was apparent that there existed a tremendous need for programming and direct work around early family recovery. I began to look at all these core issues and ultimately this became the foundation for my work that many years later led me to creating these four tools for professionals. It is my hope you will find these materials both inspiring and valuable in your work.