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Intimate Treason

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Those who act out sexually – whether through pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, voyeurism, and/or multiple affairs – leave their partners reeling in rage, incredible shame, and isolation. Intimate Treason is designed to help such partners better understand what is happening in their lives, validate their experiences, and find a path to healing.

After Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets was released two years ago it was evident to me that taking the partner to an even greater depth in their recovery was needed. So for the past two years, Cara Tripodi and I have been working diligently and have created a dynamic, self-help workbook for partners affected by sex addiction. Cara is the founder and director of STAR (Sexual Trauma and Recovery Inc.), an outpatient sex addiction program in Philadelphia and has been working with this population for several years.

We wrote this book to help those confronted with sexual betrayal have a framework for their healing, but even more important, something that takes them to a level of honesty about themselves that helps them move forward; and to convey to the many individuals who are facing sexual betrayal that there is specific, specialized help and hope for the pain and confusion they are experiencing as a result of a loved one’s compulsive sexual behavior. This book is specific to partners, written as a roadmap to guide them through the crisis with concrete tools and strategies to overcome the trauma of intimate betrayal. While written for the layperson who identifies with the experience, Intimate Treason is also an excellent tool for the professional therapist to use with clients.

From the Introduction—

Whatever your circumstances, you are likely struggling and looking for answers. You may think the answers lie in what your partner or future partner will do; will he or she act out again; can you ever trust him or her? Our goal in writing this book is to help you see that the answers lie in you. We believe you have the power to impact your own behavior, and create choices in how you wish to live your life going forward. This book is meant to help you regain your self-respect.

Intimate Treason provides a path to healing that gives voice to partners’ truth as they travel on their own journey of recovery.

Chapter Titles are:

Chapter One: Claiming My Reality

Chapter Two: Turning Inward

Chapter Three: Perception Challenges

Chapter Four: Recognizing the Role of Childhood Influences

Chapter Five: Taking Charge of Your Life

Chapter Six: Moving Forward

Take a look inside the book by clicking on - Inside Intimate Treason

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Readers Comments

Having researched and written several books and scholarly papers about partners of sex addicts, I was naturally very interested to read the latest book on this subject, by Claudia Black and Cara Tripodi, both professionals with extensive expertise in the area of helping partners affected by sex addiction. I wasn't disappointed. I am a big believer in the value of professional counseling as well as attendance at self-help meetings of other men and women whose lives have been shattered by a partner's infidelity. But that doesn't mean that additional work on their own isn't of additional value. On the contrary, if your partner is a sex addict then this excellent self-help manual can really help your recovery. Because this is a workbook, you can expect to do a lot of thinking and writing, and if you do, you will reap much benefit. Here is what you will learn. First, Black and Tripodi will validate your pain. Then they provide exercises to get you through the necessary grieving process. They will help you explore the behavior problems common to partners. These are are often related to your childhood experiences, which may have resulted in unhelpful beliefs and self-defeating behaviors, which have affected your current relationship. Next are exercises to help you take charge of your life, solidify your recovery plan, set goals for yourself, and move forward. The book will help you reclaim the power to affect your own behavior, make healthy choices, and regain your self-respect. I highly recommend this book! Jennifer S., M.D.

I just received my copy of Intimate Treason, Claudia Black & Cara Tripodi's book for partners of sex addicts. An incredible in-depth workbook, and it's obvious they were mindful of safety and flow. While it's a workbook for the partner I have every intention of using it directly with the clients myself. Personally, I want to congratulate both authors and thank them for not only writing to the partners directly, but helping so many of us who work with them. Jean C., MSW, LISAC, CSAT

Intimate Treason is a sensitive, thorough workbook for helping partners heal after the trauma of confronting sex addiction. When I got home and showed a copy to a 'partner', she opened it and immediately began to relate to the topics addressed. She has purchased her own workbook and is finding it very helpful. Dr. D.

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