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It Will Never Happen To Me

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It will never happen to me is a line spoken by all who have been raised in a family where one or both parents have a problem with addiction. In addictive families most children move through adolescence appearing to survive the problems and hardships of life. They abide by the laws Don't Talk, Don't Trust, Don't Feel. As resilient as children are, their survival techniques frequently contribute to a variety of problems in adulthood among them depression, inability to maintain intimate relationships, marrying an addict, or becoming addicted.

While continuing to recognize alcohol as the primary addiction within families, this 2nd edition broadens the concepts to include addictive disorders such as other drugs, money related addictions, food disorders, relationship, sex and work addictions and expands upon the family rules and roles, family violence and shame.

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Family Roles

The Progression of the Roles

Shame Circle

Family Violence

The Adult Child

The Child Within the Home

Using Resources

This book offers a foundation for understanding what occurred growing up in an addictive family. You will experience validation of your history, a framework for understanding what happened and why you are where you are today, and hope for the future. Claudia gives you a language in which to begin to speak your truth and with that a voice of self empowerment.

Readers Comments

My doctor recommended It Will Never Happen to Me and it opened a door for me that I've managed to keep closed for decades. Terry B.

I read the whole book cover to cover in one night. I began to grieve my losses, past and present and began to understand and heal my shame. Robbin L.

Claudia, It Will Never Happen To Me was the first book I read in recovery, and it's been an ongoing encouragement to me in the last fifteen years. Pat M.

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